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Call us today! – 410 582 9159

Because Anne Arundel County Public Schools are still closed to outside groups DaySpring is currently meeting outdoors every Sunday (11AM) at Solley United Methodist Church (7600 Solley Rd. Glen Burnie, MD 21060). Solley UMC is next door to Solley Elementary School. For those who would rather join us virtually we also offer a Zoom Link. In order to receive a link to our Zoom Worship Service, click on the “JOIN THE SERVICE” button below and complete the request form. We also offer a program for children. You will need to bring your own chairs. In case of rain our worship service will be exclusively on Zoom.

Welcome to DaySpring.

Welcome to DaySpring Presbyterian Church. We are so glad you are visiting with us on our site today.

We believe that Jesus wants us all to BELONG to a community where we can CONNECT with Him and with each other. And it is only within these honest, authentic relationships where we truly THRIVE and FLOURISH. Become part of a community where you can reconnect with what’s important.

Come As You Are.

Come with your questions, doubts, fears and hurts.

DaySpring is a COME AS YOU ARE kind of church – a community of imperfect people doing life together, helping each other to flourish and to become all that God created us to be…a place where everyone is welcome. We are a community of people who are “in process.” We have imperfect, messy lives, but together we’re pursuing and experiencing a transformative relationship with Jesus and with one another. He, more than anyone, knows that life is challenging, and his church is to be a place filled with friends who spur you on with truth and love.

We are a diverse community of people united by a faith that brings understanding and grace to our divided world. We don’t care what kind of flip flops you wear, what doubts or questions you have or even how messed up you think your life might be…we have a place for you. So, whether you’ve had a relationship with God for years or you’re not even sure God exists, come as you are. Bring your questions; bring your doubts your fears and your hurts. Come as you are because pretending just keeps us stuck.

Live Connected…Belong…Thrive…Flourish.



Fellowship Groups

Fellowship Groups are at the very heart of DaySpring and pursue the value we call “Be Transformed.” Nobody stumbles into spiritual maturity and knowing that to be true, the aim of a Fellowship Group is to intentionally pursue spiritual maturity and a deepening relationship with Jesus. Regardless of how much or how little you know of the bible – Fellowship Groups are for anyone that is ready and willing to do the work that growing and maturing requires. We have opportunities for you to connect with people who live near you, who share similar interests, who are in the same stage of life and/or people who you can serve alongside. All of this happens in a small community of people who are eager to pursue the same transformation and who in time become some of the closest relationships you’ve ever had. The work that is required is not easy-but the fruit that you’ll experience is what Jesus invited us into when he invited us to life and freedom.

Be Transformed.


Instinctively, we all know this to be the case. So often, though, we’re not even sure where or how to begin to make changes. We need more than a self-help program where we muscle through a list of rules. In order to flourish, to be all God created us to be, we need real; lasting change…we need to be transformed. Transformation is change not from the outside in, but from the inside out, and it happens when we connect with Jesus and others. And in our world of brokenness, DaySpring hopes to be a place where hearts and homes are transformed and healed by the love of God. Our Fellowship Groups provide the safe space for authentic transformation to occur in and through encouraging relationships. Being part of a community where we can be intentional about our spiritual growth is going to make all the difference in our spiritual journey. We believe that transformation happens best as we seek to grow in our relationship with Jesus together. Our aim in our Fellowship Groups is to have real and honest conversations as we study the bible together, all while becoming increasingly known by others who will help us live out what we learn.